La luna Pet care Screen Door Adapter For The Patio Pet Door


Permenent Solution | Tools Required: Screw driver/ Hack saw


This option is popular for people wanting full functionality. It is an aluminium extrusion that fixes to the side of the patio pet door. It creates a channel for both the sliding door and the screen door.

Simply move your latches from the frame onto this adapter and you can then lock both doors together as you usually would. Without this you can only lock one door at a time onto the per door.

This is also the most secure solution as both doors are locked. We recommend you use the adpater in conjunction with the security pack for the best security. 

The adapter is 10cm wide and will not work with stacker doors.


This comes in a length of 211cm (the maxium height of the pet door witout extensions). If your door is taller then you will need extension pieces and an adapter add on piece. 

Screen Door Adapter