Animalistic Pet Products Heavy Duty Aluminium Pet Door


Made from powder coated Aluminium that will last a lifetime and it will blend in seamlessly with your home. We designed it with aesthetics in mind and the result is the most beautiful pet door on the market. Installation screws are concealed on the inner part of the frame and the low profile design ensures a sleek look to a finished installation.

Give your pet the freedom they deserve and make toilet time a happier one for everyone! 






Small 16cm x 30cm               Medium 22cm x 41cm               Large 30cm x 58cm 


Multiple installation applications

The Animalistic Pet Door can be installed in doors, walls, screens and even glass. Not too handy and would like us to install it for you? No problem, we install in every suburb in Australia.

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Have More Control Of Your Pet

The locking plate simply slides into aluminium tracks integrated along each side of the frame and locks into position with its quick lock feature. To release the locking plate squeeze the quick release handle and slide up.



Energy Saving Mohair

Integrated mohair seals encased around the flap ensuring the ultimate protection from bugs and the weather. This coupled with our Neodymium magnetic flap closure system makes this Pet Door eco friendly and keeps your house free from bugs.






Aluminium Pet Door