InvisiFlap, Virtually Invisible - Truly Beautiful

This pet door is all about aesthetics. It’s the top choice for people wanting a sleek near invisible design. Brand new to the market this pet flap is already proving to be a hit. Designed specifically for glass pet door installations, this pet flap will blend into any designer home and you won’t even notice it, but your pets will love you for it. The strong construction of the invisiflap means you don't have to sacrifice on quality or style when it comes to providing for your pet.




- Magnetic flap closure to combat wind and unnecessary flapping.

- A 4-way locking system for the flap.

- The lowest clearance pet door on the market with a clearance of less than 7mm making it perfect for sliding doors.

- Can be installed into surfaces other than glass.

- Nearly invisible once installed.

- Stainless steel hinge and hardware.


Dog Flap: 285mm (w) x 250mm (h)
Frame Diameter 400mm
Hole Diameter required 385mm


Invisi Flap For Glass [Large]

SKU: invi2002p